Friday, 2 June 2017

Panchakarma Therapy Courses : An Ayurveda Practitioner Training

    Panchakarma is a renowned treatment in Ayurveda which includes five set of detoxification therapies. These therapies require extensive training to administer and have a special role in the treatment of disease.
    In Panchakarma the therapist should focus on the causes of the disease, the concept of detoxification (shodhana), Therapeutic emesis (Vamana),  Therapeutic purgation (Virechana), Therapeutic enema (Vasti), Nasal Therapy (Nasya) and therapeutic blood-letting (Raktamokshana). The Panchakarma Therapy course offers a clear insight to fundamental principles of Ayurveda and their applications in healthcare.
In Ayurveda a patient being treated is considered as a purusha (i.e., not merely a body). It is a total combination of body, mind, senses and soul. The treatment aims to achieve complete health for the patient not just to suppress the troubling symptoms. This approach enables to diagnose the root cause and eliminate it, and results in genuine healing.
Benefits of Panchakarma Therapy Courses
    The Panchakarma Therapy course enables you to add value to your existent professional practice through counseling and providing appropriate Ayurvedic therapies. In addition, the course enable you to:
  • Recognize the root cause of diseases
  • Develop an intimate understanding of every aspect of your client's physical, psychological and emotional nature and can make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Identify different Ayurvedic Body Types
  • Identify diseases and health conditions that require detoxification
  • Determine appropriate Panchakarma therapies for diseases
  • Perform preliminary therapies such as oil massage (Abhyanga) and fomentation (Syedana) prior to Panchakarama
  • Perform Vamana, Virechana, Anuvasana Vasti, Asthapana Vasti and Nasya
  • Create a diet chart and schedule (Samsariana Karma) for the client after Panchakarma period till restoration of health.
  • Enables you to educate clients about the benefits of Ayurvedic healing therapies and lifestyle practices.
  • Assist Ayurvedic physicians in Panchakarma procedures.
    Shri Kaya Kalp is the best Ayurveda School in India, offers Panchakarma Therapy courses and other Ayurvedic Professional Courses in India. The training they provide with highly skilled staff, personalized demonstration of various therapies and individual attention to each students enables them to attain a better scope of career as well as a way to carry forward our tradition in this aspect.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy Course at Shri Kaya Kalp

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. The short term Ayurveda courses offered at Shri Kaya Kalp, holds true to this old Japanese proverb. With the goal of propagating the practice of Ayurveda in its purest form, the centre offers many courses, Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy course being one of them.

With its roots deeply ingrained in the power of nature, the holistic approach of ayurvedic treatment methods has a healing power like none other. One of the most effective healing methods of Ayurveda, panchakarma offers the ultimate healing of body and mind by strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the body and restoring its balance.
Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy Courses at SKK

SKK offers three courses for Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy, each of different duration. The training programs are fully customised and include hands on practical sessions to master the various therapies of Ayurveda treatment. The training is provided in groups or as one to one training, at affordable fees. The various courses and their structure are as follows: -
  • Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy Course – 1 week
    With a duration of 1 week, the course provides an insight into Ayurveda and its principles along with an overview of the basic therapies and massages. Practical, hands on sessions for training on various massages are also involved in the course. The fee for this course is Rs.18000.
  • Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy Course – 2 weeks
    This course, with a duration of 2 weeks includes the analysis of body constitution, introduction to pharmacy, preparation of various oils and so on, along with hands on sessions on various panchakarma therapies and massages. The fee for the course is Rs 30000.
  • Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy Course – 4 weeks
    This course involves a detailed study of ayurvedic principles and therapies, preparation of various kizhis, medicinal oils, and hands on training on massages and various panchakarma therapies completed over the period of 4 weeks. The fee of the course is Rs 30000 as well.

With a highly skilled staff, personalised demonstration of various therapies and individual attention to each student, the courses at SKK are a window to a rewarding career in Ayurveda.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course– Realise Your Dreams of a Glorious Career

Aesthetics and beauty treatments are known to be practised since time immemorial. How else can the renowned beauty of our queens and princesses be justified! The last decade has seen an increased vigour in this field with more people growing conscious of their looks, health and fitness.

Beauty treatments and therapies combining the goodness of nature and rooted in traditional techniques have many takers nowadays. The lack of side effects and natural revitalisation by herbal combinations has added to its shine. This has made Ayurveda beauty therapy course a hot pick today.

Ayurveda beauty therapy course at Kayakalp
Kayakalp offers Ayurveda beauty therapy courses that provides a deep insight and practical knowledge in the use of ayurvedic combinations and technique solutions to address the growing beauty concerns of today’s society. The courses are an ideal foot step towards a fulfilling career in the beauty industry.
Kayakalp offers two beauty therapy courses which are short term and involves intensive training of 1 and 2 weeks. They include practical sessions from an expert faculty which helps in efficiently mastering the nuances of Ayurveda treatment methodology.
Course details
As mentioned, two short term courses are offered at Kayakalp. They are as follows
  • Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course – 1 week
    A course spanning a week, it covers basic principles of Ayurveda, body constitution rooted in aesthetics, diet and lifestyle to assist beauty therapy and so on. Trainings are imparted for face treatment, scalp and hair treatment along with practical covering techniques like nasyam, netra-tarpan, shirodhara, head massage and so on. The fee for this course is Rs. 18000.
  • Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course – 2 weeks
    This course spans 2 weeks. In addition to the syllabus mentioned in the above course package, body treatment and hand-foot treatments are also involved here. The practical training curriculum include body treatments and other treatments for foot and hand as well. The fee for this course is Rs. 30000.
Kayakalp, based in New Delhi, offers advanced and customised training courses in Ayurveda treatment and therapies at an affordable fee structure.

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Learn Ayurveda Courses at Kayakalp

Ayurveda, the science of life, is a part of India’s legacy since time immemorial. A unique and efficient treatment regimen to revitalise our health and wellbeing with massages, therapies, medicines derived from nature, diet and exercise, Ayurveda stands out for its invigorating qualities. Ayurveda massage and panchakarma therapy courses are gaining popularity now.

Even though invasions having stolen a part of its goodness from us, Ayurveda has not fully lost its sheen and shine. With the side effects and harmful side of modern medicine continue to unravel, the dependence on Ayurveda and its popularity has seen a rise. Training in Ayurveda massage and panchakarma therapy courses sees a better scope of career as well as a way to carry forward our tradition in this aspect.

Kayakalp offers courses in Ayurveda massage and panchakarma treatment that are customised and taught by leading Ayurveda doctors. The courses are of variable duration and include practical classes as well
The courses are available at Kayakalp for panchakarma and Ayurveda massage are as follows: -
  • Ayurveda massage and Panchakarma Therapy course – 1 Month
With a duration of 1 month, the course covers basics of panchakarma ayurvedic treatment and massages. They also include practical classes for massages and preparation of ‘kizhis’. The course fee is Rs 18000.
  • Ayurveda massage and Panchakarma Therapy course – 2 Months
Along with basics of Ayurveda and massages, this course includes an introduction to pharmacy, panchakarma, teachings of ayurvedic oils, diseases, conditions and so in detail. The course fees for this course is Rs. 30000.
  • Ayurveda massage and Panchakarma Therapy course – 3 Months
This is an advanced course dealing with Ayurveda treatments in detail including dhara and vasti. The course fee for this course is Rs. 48000.

The courses offered at Kayakalp are one of the best in the world. Personalised demonstrations, a customised curriculum and skilled teachers makes it worthwhile. The fees structure is reasonable as well.

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Panchakarma and Beauty Therapy Course

Panchakarma is a well renowned treatment in Ayurveda which includes five therapies. The main goal of the therapy is to eliminate the toxins and purify the body. Virechana, Basti, Vamana, Nasya, and Raktamokshana are offered in Panchakarma.
Shri Kaya Kalp is the best Ayurveda school in India, which offers reasonable yet complete Panchakarma and beauty therapy Courses in India. Ayurveda’s holistic approach not only cures the disease but also improves health condition.

We offer four types of Panchakarma therapies and the duration of the courses are one, two and four weeks.
In one week course, the skilled ayurvedic practitioners introduce theory classes with Basic Principles of Ayurveda, Body Constitution (Prakriti) Analysis, herbals, and oil etc., and the practical session encompasses massages, Herbal Steam Bath, Shiro Abhyangam, Elakizhi etc.,
In two week course, students will be taught with theory classes on Basic Principles of Ayurveda, Prakriti analysis, Bhaishjya Kalpana ( Pharmacy ), herbs and oils , Introduction to Panchakarma Therapies and practical sessions on Head Massage, 7 body positions in different therapies, other massages say Navarakizhi, Podikizhi, Greeva vasti, Udvartan etc.,
In the four-week course, the theory classes will be based on Basic Principles of Ayurveda, Swasthyvrit (Health Regime), Bhaishjya Kalpana (Pharmacy), Panchkarma, 7 body positions in different therapies, Massages, Rasayana and Vajikaran etc.,

Our Beauty therapy courses do have one and two week’s duration.
The one week course of beauty therapy involves theory with Introduction to Ayurveda, Basic Principles of Ayurveda, Body Constitution with reference to skin and hair, Introduction to Ayurveda Beauty Care, Face massage, Scalp & hair treatments, and the practical session covers Face Massage, Herbal Fumigation, Preparation of Hair Packs, Cleansers Preparation etc.,
In two week beauty therapy course we teach Introduction to Ayurveda, Basic Principles of Ayurveda, Body Constitution with reference to skin and hair, Introduction to Ayurveda Beauty Care, Body treatments, Head and foot treatments, Scalp & hair treatments and also allows the students to practically do Head Massage, Rice Bundle Massage, Application of Hair Packs, Preparation of Hair Packs, Face Scrub, Netra-Tarpan etc.,

Shri Kaya Kalp Ayurvedic Training Institute and Panchakarma Center is based in New Delhi, Dr. Tarun Gupta, Senior Ayurvedic Consultant, and Panchakarma Specialist is having more than 14 years of experience in leading the team. We provide short and extensive courses on Panchakarma, Beauty therapy, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Pranayama, pregnancy & childcare.

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Monday, 30 January 2017

Natural Remedies for Neck Pain

Cervical Spondylosis is caused due to the degeneration of bones and discs which are the cartilage cushion between the neck bones and joints of the neck. This condition is usually found in middle-aged people and the elderly. It is a type of wear and tear disease.

Risk factors of cervical spondylosis

the major risk factor of cervical spondylosis is aging. cervical spondylosis is caused to change in your neck joints as you age. the other factors that increase the risk of the cervical spondylosis are neck injuries, activities that put strain on your neck from heavy lifting,  genetic factors, holding your neck in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time, smoking, being overweight and inactive.

What are the main symptoms of cervical spondylosis?
  • Pain in the neck region.
  • Difficulty in rotation of the neck.
  • Radiating pain towards the shoulder and forearm.
  • Muscular spasm.
  • Numbness.
  • Joint stiffness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Difficulty in walking.

In Ayurveda, it is known as Grivasandhiagatvata. The Ayurvedic treatment aims at strengthening and stretching of strained or weakened muscles. Ayurvedic physicians use a compound preparation known as simhaanada to treat cervical spondylosis condition. It is advised to take in a dose of 2-4 tablets, four times a day. The medicine has laxative effects that help patients to recover from the ailment. It is also necessary that the patients should have a regular bowel movement for that person should increase intake of oily foods that are easily digested.

Shri Kaya Kalp offers best Ayurvedic Treatment for Neck Pain in Delhi with the help of a dedicated team.

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